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BURI RAM: People flocked to a cannabis exhibition as interest and demand in the plant surges after the government unlocked hemp use in food and cosmetics in the latest move to promote a new cash crop.

The Criminal Court has denied bail for Piyarat “Toto” Chongthep, leader of Ratsadon guards, but allowed 14 other people held on Saturday to temporarily walk free.

SURAT THANI: An anchor dropped by a navy ship damaged an underwater cable supplying power to Koh Samui and Koh Phangan on Monday, causing a widespread blackout, a Provincial Electricity Authority official said.

Two anti-coup protesters were shot to death by security forces in Myanmar's northern Kachin State on Monday, local media reported, as workers staged a general strike across the country to oppose the military move.

Quarantine requirements could be eased for visitors inoculated against Covid-19 before they travel to Thailand, beginning in October, as the government struggles to rescue the tourism sector.

Thailand's youth-led anti-government protests started in July to demand the resignation of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and have also made once-unthinkable calls for reform of the monarchy.

Eighteen leaders of the Ratsadon group were indicted in the Criminal Court on Monday, each on 11 charges, for their roles in anti-government demonstrations at Thammasat University and Sanam Luang on Sept 19-20 last year.

NAKHON PHANOM: Four pub customers were wounded when a kamnan witnesses said was obviously drunk fired wild shots from a pistol because he was unhappy with the table service.

YANGON: Anti-coup protesters gathered across Myanmar on Monday, answering a trade union call for a general strike following a weekend of night raids and arrests.

HANOI - How to smile, where to place a hand, which direction to face: young Vietnamese social media users are snapping up a popular influencer's course on posing for the perfect photo.


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