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The baht's strengthening value could breach the band of 30 per US dollar next year, mainly because of Thailand's huge current account surplus, says Krungthai Asset Management (KTAM).

Eleven SET-listed commercial banks posted a 1.81% year-on-year increase in consolidated unreviewed net profit for the three months through September, while most of them continued to see an uptick in bad loans.

Exports shrank by 1.39% year-on-year in September but improved from the 4% plunge in August, boosted by higher shipments of industrial products.

Army chief Gen Apirat Kongsompong dismissed talk on Monday that he may become the next prime minister by insisting that he will never enter politics.

His Majesty the King has removed all the titles, military ranks and positions of Chao Khun Phra Sineenart Pilaskalayanee, as well as recalling all the royal decorations she was given, for failing to conform with codes of conduct for palace officials and being disloyal to His Majesty.

The Future Forward Party MP who voted against his party’s position on the 2020 budget bill on Saturday says he did so in his constituents’ interests.

The political focus will be on Nakhon Pathom on Wednesday when voters return to the ballot box after the Forward Future MP for constituency 5 stepped down following an accident.

Army chief Gen Apirat Kongsompong returned quickly from Kanchanaburi and met with the House committee on security on Monday, after earlier saying he was unavailable, following a second, "serious" invitation.

WASHINGTON: Huge global capital flows and prolonged ultra-low interest rate policies of advanced nations have made it harder for emerging economies to protect their financial system, Bank of Thailand Governor Veerathai Santiprabhob said on Sunday.

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