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Future Forward members on Monday voted overwhelmingly to expel four MPs who have continually voted against the party in parliament.

A group of anti-military university students has finally been able to hold a briefing on their "Wing Lai Lung" (Run to Oust the Uncle) event at Thammasat University after their earlier requests to use two places for the press conference were denied.

It wasn't only the moves to ban Thailand's most vocal opposition party that brought Gift onto the street for the first time.

2020 is the year in which the long-overdue land and building tax takes effect, making landlords and homeowners subject to tax payment based on appraised value if their properties fall under the stipulated conditions.

Someone else’s idea of perfection may not be the same as yours. In other words, what one person considers “perfect”, others may consider flawed. Consider a polished part made by a robot: it’s perfect based on the standards of the human beings who programmed the robot, but a different robot with different programmers might create a superior product.

Disinformation or freedom of expression? Hate speech or free speech? Threat to national security or whistleblowing on corruption and tyranny?

Police are preparing to take legal action against the organisers of a political rally on the Skywalk at Pathumwan intersection on Saturday for not obtaining permission required to stage a public gathering.

Wanraya "Milk" Wannapong continued her mastery in drone racing by retaining the crown in a world competition in China.

The coconut wood pestle hits the mortar, and the chili fumes rise in a cough-inducing haze. The lime rind bruises. Salted crab releases its funk, along with bits of claw and carapace.

A majority of people say the lack of a quorum in the House of Representatives, if allowed to happen frequently, will cause people to feel frustrated and lose faith in politics, according to an opinion survey by the National Institute for Development Administration, or Nida Poll.


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